Hyderabad is becoming a hub for national brands in India, attracting businesses to establish their operations in the city. Its strategic location, favorable business environment, skilled workforce, vibrant startup ecosystem, and growing consumer market make it an attractive destination for national brands to expand their reach. The city’s location in the south-central region of India, with its connectivity to major cities and markets across the country, makes it an ideal hub for businesses to expand their reach. The Government of Telangana has created a business-friendly environment by introducing policies and initiatives to attract investments and create a conducive environment for businesses to operate and grow. Thanks to Hyderabad’s prestigious educational institutions, it boasts a highly skilled workforce. The city’s growing consumer market has rising disposable incomes and changing lifestyles, which creates a growing demand for high-quality products and services. Hyderabad offers a good quality of life, a vibrant startup ecosystem, and a rich cultural heritage, which add to the city’s appeal as a business hub.

Hyderabad has become a prime destination for global tech companies, with some of the biggest names setting up base. Uber Technologies Inc. recently opened its first service center in Asia in Hyderabad, while Apple Inc. established its first development center in the city. Additionally, Salesforce.com Inc. announced plans to open its first center of excellence in Hyderabad. These moves by global tech giants to establish a presence in Hyderabad reflect the city’s growing reputation as a tech hub in India. The efforts of Telangana officials have played a crucial role in establishing Hyderabad as a major destination for global tech giants. In a bid to attract Amazon to the state, Telangana officials promised the company a favorable regulatory environment, because of which Amazon established its most substantial warehouse and office space in Telangana. Following Amazon’s lead, its competitor Flipkart opened their biggest warehouse in the city.

Alongside Hyderabad being home to global brands, the city’s local brands are showcasing promising growth. Drunken Monkey, a smoothie brand founded in Hyderabad in 2016, expanded its operations to over 100 stores across 43 Indian cities. Dhruva Space, India’s first private space technology company, won the National Startup Award 2020 in the space category. Bharat Biotech, a leading innovator in vaccines and bio-therapeutics trusted by physicians worldwide, is a Hyderabad-based company. Cyient, a Hyderabad-based software company that provides engineering and technology solutions globally, has been ranked among the top 30 outsourcing companies in the world.

The city’s reputation as a tech hub in India is growing, with global tech giants establishing their presence in Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s efforts to attract national and international companies have been successful. With the city’s ongoing growth and development, Hyderabad is moving towards emerging as a prime hub for national and international brands in the years to come. At PAD, we pride ourselves on understanding the diverse local narratives that have helped us contribute to the growth of over 300 clients in the past decade. And now, we’re excited to unveil our latest project: decoding the different categories destined to thrive in Hyderabad. If you’re as eager as we are to learn more, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post, “Hyderabad: Poised For Growth!” Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.


Arjun Zalki,
Account Manager – Strategy- PAD ONE.