Together, we’ve built connections and results.

Our association with PAD has been fantastic. Their team has a phenomenal understanding of our brand ethos, and their work has been extremely innovative. They understand brand tonality, and their approach to advertising is quite refined.
Pravesh Pandey
Chief Belief Officer and Director
PAD has always managed to understand the sensibilities of the clients and consumers. Their quality of work has been top-notch and they have a good understanding of our taste. As of today, they are Hyderabad’s premier agency and I’m sure the city’s top brands work with them.
Joydeep Ponugoti
Managing Director
With PAD, we found a very reliable team who has never let us down when they have committed to deliver within a certain timeline. PAD has lived up to their promise and it’s been a pleasure to work with the team.
Arnabi Chakrabarty
Senior Manager - Organization Development
Our association with PAD has been a fruitful one. Their team came up with ideas which we could never think of, and they were instrumental in delivering one of our best brand campaigns – ‘Kitchen Kitchen lo Sneha Chicken’.
Varun Reddy
PAD has a strong set of professionals within the organisation. The kind of passion and dimensions they bring to the table is extremely contagious. They also have a very young and creative set of people who are committed to their brands.
Panneerselvam Madanagopal
Chief Marketing Officer
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