Most often, the word “empathy” is used in connotation with emotional life situations. At PAD, our philosophy of empathy stems from an unlikely source: Business.
Simply because we believe that whoever we associate ourselves with is another person first and they come with their own perspectives, attitudes, beliefs and values. Understanding this, is the first step towards building and partnering in a journey that is essentially happy, collaborative, productive and satisfying.
It is this “business empathy” that leads us to our credo of Role Play.

It’s easy to get lost in the glamour of advertising. Working with big brands on high-visibility projects, agencies lose track of what really matters. For us at PAD, staying connected to the people we work with: clients, colleagues, consumers and partners is not an option, it is a priority. As an advertising agency, one of the most important aspects of our work is to connect with people. People we’ve never met. People we’ve never seen. People who think differently. We believe the best way to reach out to that elusive someone is to put yourself in their shoes. It’s what lets us jump seamlessly from the mind of a steel conglomerate CEO to a Chef or a Techpreneur or to that of someone who may have diabetes. This ability to be and understand different people each day is what enables us to do what we do: Solve business problems through effective communication.

But our philosophy doesn’t just end there. It carries forward to the way we we interact with people on a daily basis.The persistent client who keeps coming back with changes is nothing more than a perfectionist. The over-talkative colleague you share a desk with is just a friendly guy trying to put you at ease. The office lady who refuses to give you another pack of biscuits is just following her orders. Putting ourselves in somebody else’s shoes is not something we deliberately do, It’s just the way we are.

Even within our walls, Role Play makes us proficient at reading situations, meeting challenges, having each other’s backs, and understanding what everyone needs to do for PAD to function as best as it can. Writers who can use Illustrator, Designers who can write briefs, Account managers who can draw. We all play different roles and we juggle between them seamlessly. You will find it everywhere when you walk into our office. A collaborative buzz where a teammates’ pressing deadline is your deadline. Their award, a reason for you to celebrate.

We strive to deliver stellar work for our clients every time, not just because we are good at what we do, but we are better at understanding people and businesses from a human point of view.

We are PAD and everything is our business.

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