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1) What is an advertising agency?  

We look at an advertising agency as a Canvas. A canvas that’s always in the process of making the finest form of art. That art is what we call an advertisement. Just like each piece of art gets its beauty from a palette of colours, an advertising agency has a set of professionals that work tirelessly to research, [read more] strategize, develop and execute a whole campaign through a series of advertisements.  The advertising agency services performed vary from agency to agency. A few focus on branding, a few on digital, and a few (like us) take over a whole set of services to assure their clients the best possible marketing experience, for their brands. We as an agency pride ourselves on making our client brands stand out, in a competitive world. 

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2) Functions of an advertising agency 

The core function of an advertising agency is to ensure that they’re directly involved with helping their clients earn profits in the long-run, through their advertising procedures. There are a number of sub-functions that have to be undertaken in order to achieve that objective. 

Some of them involve: 

  • Designing an advertising strategy – In order to start contemplating the procedures of advertising a product/ service, an agency needs to have all the possible information about it. That includes its past records and where it stands in the market, currently. 
  • Researching – This helps in better presentation of creativity to the clients. Research often inspires the creative team to refine their work. 
  • Planning and Executing – After all the research work, this is the most important step. The copywriting team communicates the necessary content to the designing team, in accordance with the client requirements.
  • Accounting – This is one of the most important steps in understanding a number of financial factors. They help understand the clients’ budgets, digital boosting budgets, and also the agency related finances.

These are some of the core functions of an advertising agency. A briefer knowledge can be attained by doing a little research.

3) Structure of an advertising agency 

The growth of an advertising agency is directly linked to its organizational structure. The more organized it is, the better the quality of work gets. The number of departments depends on the size of the organization. More number of clients means more business which in turn means the growth of the team in the agency. Every top advertising agency in India gets up there as a result of a well-structured team. 

Here are a few departments that have to be there in the structure of an advertising agency: 

Copywriting/Creative – The department involved with providing the content for the art/ design team to create. 

Art/Design – The department that executes the final plan and designs the creative that eventually goes out for the world to see. 

Digital – The department that focuses on maintaining and growing business in the digital platforms. 

Client Servicing – The department that’s in direct contact with clients and communicates their needs and requirements to the necessary department.

Accounting – The department that maintains business-related, agency-related as well as client-related budgets and finances.

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4) Why companies need advertising agency services: 

In a world so modern, having a group of people who understand the current trends, problems, and solutions is almost a requirement. 

Here are a few reasons proving why they’re a good idea: 

  • A remarkable return on investment. Some advertising agencies even offer branding services and they’re really a blessing. Starting a new business can be challenging and hiring the right agency can display its identity in a way that only shows growth in popularity and in revenue.
  • A fresh set of eyes – It’s hard for a company to be objective as they get involved with the branding process every day. Hiring an agency will give the company a brand new outlook. Their vision gives the audience a brand new perspective which usually ends up being for the good of the company. 
  • What’s been going wrong? – An advertising agency does thorough research of their clients’ business and everything in relation to it. They understand the negatives as well as the plus points. In the company, there may be a few partners skeptical about changing a particular system in their way of business but agencies have an unbiased opinion and explain why those changes need to take place. Those explanations are always backed with valid reasoning.
  • Finesses its way past competitors – A part of the research involves understanding the threats involved in going ahead with certain strategies. There are a lot of considerations involved, in terms of competition. What if they’ve done something similar? How will they counter this? How do we make sure this isn’t forgeable? An agency’s always got your back! 
  • Communication Skills – Last but not least, agencies help you connect with various groups of audiences. Apart from that, they’re well aware of current trends and they can subtly get your company involved, without changing the tone too much. They’ve also got the perfect responses to unsatisfactory reviews and hateful comments. 

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5) Services of an advertising agency 

When the topic’s about an advertising agency, there are a whole lot of services they undertake. Let’s take a look at some of the important ones. 

  • Marketing Consulting: It directly involves advising companies on the most effective way of reaching potential customers. Evaluating current marketing tactics, planning and suggesting improvements, and implementing social media campaigns are some of the activities involved.
  • Brand Strategy – Once we understand the functions, the personality, and the values of the brand, what it communicates to the outside world is what incepts the building process of a brand. A good advertising agency ensures that the brand strategy followed focuses on making the brand stay consistent with its promise.

Digital Business Growth – This is a service provided by every modern top advertising agency in India.  With each passing day, we’re noticing more and more services provided by businesses go digital. In fact, in this day and age, people tend to look at their digital screens a lot more than the outside world. The ironic part is they sometimes look at their screens to see what’s happening around them rather than just experience it. When the scenario has gotten so deep into digital, we understand the importance of paying the utmost attention to focusing on digital growth for businesses.[/read]

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