Diagnosis is the first step in the process of disease management. Because, without accurate identification of health disorders, there is no possibility of developing an effective treatment plan. India, and in particular the city of Hyderabad, is considered as the capital of medical tourism, owing to the wide availability of well-trained medical personnel as well as high-end medical technology.

However, while the ‘delivery system’ of healthcare services has caught up with the western standards, diagnostics has somewhat lagged behind by almost a decade when compared to the developed markets.


Owing to the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases in the recent years, the diagnostics sector in India is today projected for a sharp growth. Yet, there seemed to be a gap between high-end, technology-intensive diagnostics and world-class quality of services. It was to meet this gap that Tenet Diagnostics launched its flagship centre in Hyderabad in 2018.


Introducing a new brand in the market involves creating an end-to-end brand identity right from coining the name, logo, brand philosophy to its visual identity and online presence. All of this had to strike a chord with our audience through humane and compassionate language.

Furthermore, the challenge was to change people’s mindset from visiting a diagnostic facility ‘after’ being asked by the doctor, to making regular health check-ups a part of their life to stay on top of their game.


Being a new player in the market, Tenet faced a tough challenge from well-penetrated competitor labs. For that reason, Tenet Diagnostics needed to stand apart and gain the city’s trust through a brand identity that did not give the audience a health scare, but instead focussed on ‘proactiveness and prevention’. The idea of being aware of your health status was imperative for a long and fruitful life.



The mandate was clear; Tenet is not your average diagnostics centre and the experience of going for a check-up is less clinical and more humane here. People needed to ‘feel good’ during their visit to Tenet.
We established a brand identity and designed communication using the healing and calming colour such as orange, and the colour white to symbolise honesty, hygiene and transparency. The brand philosophy of being proactive when it comes to health was translated into the brand’s tagline: ‘It’s Good to Know.’

For the Internal branding, we used end-to-end wall posters in the diagnostics centre with informative healthcare and diagnostic facts that were written with a simple yet conversational touch.

The overall tonality of the brand communication was carefully crafted to not instil fear in the visitors’ minds, but pique their curiosity and awareness towards their own state of well-being.

All aspects of informative medical literature such as allergy journals, health packages and brochures were created after in-depth discussions with the medical team at Tenet. Having crossed out all the mandatory checklists, we crafted a launch campaign that included hoardings, newspaper and radio advertisements, social media campaigns, and released press notes to ensure that Hyderabad was aware about the game changer in the space of diagnostics.


With state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-end medical technology, quick turnaround time and being located at a prime spot in the city, Tenet Diagnostics had set its path for success. But how could we make this diagnostics difference accessible to everyone? We packaged all our services into 5 different, well-defined modules in order to increase our customers’ convenience and comfort. The formats of services are:

Tenet Hub, for 360° diagnostics: A hospitable ambience with sophisticated equipment, medical software for accurate, reliable tests across Pathology, Radiology and Imaging, in addition to an expert panel of doctors for consultation – Tenet Hub is your go-to place for complex comprehensive testing.

The communication for Tenet Hub highlights the USPs of the centre through direct yet compassionate tone of voice. The target audience for Tenet Hub includes a person who has been diagnosed with chronic or complex health disorders and has been advised a series of tests across all three diagnostic services.

Tenet Pro, for expert Radiology & Pathology: This module offered high-quality services in the areas of Radiology and Pathology, with a comprehensive range of tests available with the exception of certain imaging tests such as MRI, MDCT, 2D ECHO and Mammography. Availability of expert doctor consultation and technicians is another highlight of the centre. From whole body health check-ups to cancer screenings and more, Tenet Pro is the ideal diagnostics centre that offers quick and accurate health tests.

The target group for Tenet Pro ranges from someone who proactively wants to know about the status of his/her health and well-being through periodic health check-ups, to patients of chronic health disorders.

Tenet Express: Quick, accessible and responsive. It’s no secret that we all live busy lives, high on stress and unhealthy habits. Most people don’t have 3-4 hours to spend at a diagnostic facility, getting a complete health check-up done. To bridge this gap of basic health awareness and lack of time, Tenet Express is located in multiple neighbourhoods offering basic pathology tests. When a trusted diagnostic facility is located closer to home, people have an added incentive to make a quick pitstop, finish their blood or urine tests in a matter of minutes and be on their way. Results are sent digitally for added convenience.

Tenet Doorstep. Quick, convenient and reliable. Tenet Doorstep redefines convenience. Most people tend to develop a sense of fear in a medical/clinical setting. Others would rather spend their weekend with family and friends than in the waiting lounge of a diagnostic facility. There are also senior citizens who face a lot of hassle to get their routine tests done. Our communication targets these groups of people who are de-prioritizing their health due to lack of comfort and convenience. With Tenet Doorstep, customers can book a technician to visit their homes for a sample collection through an intuitive application, or through a phone call. Reports are delivered back to your doorstep or through e-mail in a matter of days.

Tenet Corporate, for those on the go: Tenet Corporate caters to those who live by a schedule planned down to the minute. It also caters to those who have managed to put their health at risk by developing habits that are detrimental to their well-being. Working in the corporate sector where pressure is high can have harmful impact on one’s health. Tenet Corporate is a service where a working professional can request for a technician to collect a sample from his/her office. Samples are collected with the utmost hygiene and delivered safely to the central lab. Our communication is crafted to be a gentle wake-up call – of not taking their well-being for granted and of being aware of their health status.


Having streamlined our communication to multiple target groups through different service modules, we ensured that everyone in the city was receiving our message that when it comes to health, it’s good to know. We launched Tenet Diagnostics in India with a thoughtful, empathetic and caring tone of communication that spanned across social media, BTL communication, blogs, and activations among others.


At the beginning, we had set to change the mindset of people towards their own health from being reactive, to being prepared and proactive. We achieved this through informative and engaging campaigns that struck a chord with Tenet’s customers. With several centres now open across the length and breadth of Hyderabad as well as Bengaluru, Tenet Diagnostics has made its mark as people’s preferred choice as a diagnostics provider with a difference.